In 1923, the Jamaica Memorial Library Fund was started to help establish a town library with the goal of providing books, periodicals and reference materials to the residents of Jamaica.

During the first 30 years the collection was housed in several buildings along Main Street. The first was a room in the Robinson House - currently part of the Three Mountain Inn. In 1934, the Trustees purchased a small building in the center of the village, then next to the Jamaica House on Mechanic Street.

By the 1950's, the new Jamaica Village School was under construction, the Trustees took advantage of the "spark of life" the library provided the town and lobbied to move the collection to the soon to be vacated school building on Depot Street.

In 1962, the building was converted into the Jamaica Memorial Library. The two room building educated most of Jamaica's current elder residents who still remember running to the Inn next door to use the facilities - a tradition that continues to this day.

The Jamaica Memorial Library has kept the vision of Miss Mary Robinson who in 1923 stated:
"Let the library idea grow! Let it truly become a memorial to Jamaica, past present and future..."

In 2009, the building was lifted and a new concrete foundation and full basement was built. Not only did this project save the building from a sure colaspe but it created additional space for programs and activities.

Today the Jamaica Memorial Library offers a large collection of books, variety of programs for children and adults, and a computer with Internet access.

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